In 1935, Tom Hopkins started Superior Neon Company at northwest sixth and Robinson near downtown Oklahoma City. In just ten years they had outgrown that facility and moved to their facility near the state capitol. In the early years all signs were designed and manufactured using steel, sheet metal and neon tubing.The neon often “animated” creating movement within the neon designs.The signs of yesterday created a feeling of excitement as they transformed the air into a different atmosphere during the night time.

As signs changed through the times so did Superior Neon. Signs moved into internally illuminated plastic signs, flexed faced signs, individual channel letters and today can be a huge array of options.  Focus of sign design is now more on image than it is an attraction of yesterday.

As our company changed with the times our staff maintained the values of our companies heritage.  Our designers and craftsmen use the knowledge of yesterday combined with the knowledge of current manufacturing to unleash signs that very few companies can build.

Superior Neon has built and continues to build signs recognized today as icons of Oklahoma City’s rich heritage.

superior neon old logo